Todd Zerin

Todd Zerin

Principal - Senior Trial Consultant

Todd is an attorney who was admitted to practice law in Minnesota (1984) and California (1985). He is also admitted to the Eighth Circuit United States Court of Appeals and United States Supreme Court.

In 1995, Todd had the privilege of working in collaboration with now Chief Justice John Roberts on a petition for certiorari to the U.S. Supreme Court. He has further argued before the Minnesota Supreme Court.

In 2000, following 15 years of experience practicing law, Todd transitioned to litigation technology, and in 2008 he formed Courtroom Visual. He had a mission to enable client attorneys to better engage juries when presenting their case. When Todd is in the courtroom, there is more movement and the jury’s focus is maintained. Parties and expert witnesses are made to have a comfort about how the evidence will be presented which in turn enables them to be more effective witnesses.

Todd has made suggestions about closing arguments that have proven effective in securing favorable verdicts. Many thanks have been received from parties and witnesses who did not know Courtroom Visual or what do before coming to trial.

Todd Zerin

Mary Harens

Senior Trial Consultant / Graphics Specialist

Mary is an accomplished attorney, a former CPA, and has many years of experience in forensic accounting, financial and data analysis, technology, graphics, demonstrative evidence, document management, and is well-versed in courtroom presentation and technology.

Before becoming an attorney, Mary had her own independent trial presentation and litigation support business specializing in the preparation of demonstrative evidence, and the design and execution of evidence presentation systems in the courtroom. In addition to her consulting for Courtroom Visual, Mary maintains an active law practice which includes a concentration on insurance recovery matters. Her vast experience in this area is a tremendous asset in the presentation of very substantial claims, insurance archaeology, coverage allocation analysis and modeling, claim resolution, and arbitration and litigation.

Todd Zerin

Eric Griffin

Trial Consultant

Eric received his BA from the University of Minnesota with a focus in communications. He has owned Shock and Audio studios for 11 years and specializes in audio recording, editing, and mixing and is experienced in video recording and editing. He has 5 years of experience in courtroom presentation.