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We will run your presentation with OnCue, TrialDirector, PowerPoint or custom software, and easily create your graphic demonstratives.

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Our mission is keeping your jury focused and attentive

Courtroom Visual is a trial support firm based in Minnesota and serving clients nationally. We run presentation software in the courtroom, assist in creation of presentations, graphics and animations.

We are in the courtroom with you using our expertise in displaying your evidence promptly and effectively. Presentation technique is critical and that is where we excel.

Our trial experience and expertise means we will provide the solution. Utilize our graphic artists and animators to assure that you connect with your jury.

Presentation Technology

Presentation Technology

Jury Focus

Presentation Technology

Trial Graphics

Presentation Technology


Presentation Technology

Trial Presentation

There is an art to producing a professional electronic trial presentation. Exhibits must display promptly, allowing the examination of the witness to proceed at the cadence of the examiner.

Highly Recommended!

"Courtroom Visual and Medical Imagery were instrumental in effecting a substantial increase in offer ($275K increase!) in a recent case. They laid out a compelling demonstrative, but without the treating neurosurgeon’s cooperation to identify subarachnoid bleeds, the illustrators consulted with a neurosurgeon they knew and were able to accurately illustrate the injuries. Immediately upon providing the insurer with the illustrations, the offer increased from $875K to $1.15M resulting in settlement. This wouldn't have been possible without their help! I highly recommend!"

~ Mike Lindberg, Cousineau, Van Bergen, McNee & Malone, P.A. ~